At Vortex Oasis we offer a variety of services: including ecclesiastical services, lectures, and initiations.

Ecclesiastical Services

Liber XV: Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica Canon Missae

Simply called “The Gnostic Mass” in common parlance. The Mass is said to conceal, within symbolic allegory and drama, the supreme secret of the OTO. It contains within it the secrets of our intiations. We celebrate the Gnostic Mass once a month on the second Sunday, unless other services are indicated for that month. Please always check our calendar┬ábefore making the trip.

Liber XV with annotations:

The Gnostic Mass

EGC Baptism and Confirmation

Baptisms and Confirmations celebrate the path of the candidate from birth to magickal adulthood. Confirmation confers lay membership in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

Further Reading:

Baptism Ceremony

Confirmation Ceremony

Feast and Rituals

At Vortex Oasis we perform a variety of rituals: Members of the OTO perform their own custom rituals and performaces during the scheduled events. We also have traditonal feasts and rituals we perform according to the Book of the Law:

But ye, o my people, rise up & awake!
Let the rituals be rightly performed with joy & beauty!
There are rituals of the elements and feasts of the times.
A feast for the first night of the Prophet and his Bride!
A feast for the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law.
A feast for Tahuti and the child of the Prophet?secret, O Prophet!
A feast for the Supreme Ritual, and a feast for the Equinox of the Gods.
A feast for fire and a feast for water; a feast for life and a greater feast for death!
A feast every day in your hearts in the joy of my rapture!
A feast every night unto Nu, and the pleasure of uttermost delight!

-Liber Al vel Legis, II:34-43

Feast of the times: celebrations for the solstices and equinoxes

Feast for the first night of the Prophet and his Bride: occurs on the 12th of August; observed on the second Sunday of the month of August.

Feast for the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law: occurs the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April starting at noon each day.

Feast for the Supreme Ritual and a feast for the Equinox of the Gods: (the Invocation of Horus) is observed on March 20, and represents the opening of the Thelemic new year, Feast to follow.


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